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This Free Piano Course will teach you about several musical topics like Major Scales, Minor Scales and other musical topics.

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Your Instructor

My name is  'Yummy' ; I'm also known as 'Oluwayanmife Akintola'. I've already taught thousands of students online about how to play the piano; so, be rest-assured that you're learning from someone that knows his stuff and that is musically skilful. I'm going to be your instructor and I will help you to achieve your goal of being able to play the Piano. Moreover, learning how to play the piano will also enable you to understand how Music works. I teach online courses and I'm an experienced Pianist/Keyboardist who has been playing for many years. I currently have more than 70,000 students who are learning about Music from me.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • The Layout of the Piano/Keyboard

    • Letters/Names of the Keys on the Piano/Keyboard

    • Piano Fingerings & Hand Movement on the Piano/Keyboard

    • Part 1 of Developing Independence between both hands (includes learning a song)

    • Part 2 of Developing Independence between both hands (includes learning a song)

    • The logical explanation of how playing the Piano works

  • 2

    Musical Intervals

    • Musical Intervals

  • 3

    Explanation of 'Natural' , 'Sharp' , 'Flat' and 'Enharmonic Equivalent' Musical Notes

    • Explanation of 'Natural' , 'Sharp' , 'Flat' and 'Enharmonic Equivalent' Musical Notes

  • 4

    Scales/Major Scales

    • Scales/How to build a major scale

    • Video for how to name the musical notes within a Major or Minor Scale Correctly

    • All the Major Scales

  • 5

    Major and Minor Scales are the building Blocks of Music

    • Why Major and Minor Scales are the building blocks of Music and what the Key of a piece of Music is

    • An Alternative way of saying that a Song or any piece of Music is in a Major Key

  • 6

    Minor Scales/Natural Minor Scales

    • Introduction to Minor Scales & Natural Minor Scales

    • All the Natural Minor Scales

  • 7

    Harmonic Minor Scales

    • Introduction to Harmonic Minor Scales

    • All the Harmonic Minor Scales

  • 8

    Melodic Minor Scales

    • Introduction to Melodic Minor Scales

    • Ascending and Descending Melodic Minor Scales explained

    • All the Melodic Minor Scales

  • 9

    More about Musical Intervals

    • Major, Minor and Perfect Intervals

    • Diminished and Augmented Intervals

  • 10

    Chords (Triad Chords) and Harmony

    • The Definition of a Chord and the Definition of Harmony

    • Major, Minor, Augmented and Diminished Triad Chords

  • 11

    Other Musical Topics

    • Other Musical Topics

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